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Abraham Bowman
Absolute citron liter
Angels envy bourbon
Angels envy rye
Ardbeg 10yr
Bakers 7yr bourbon
Barterhouse 20yr bourbon
Bluegrass sundown bourbon coffee Liquor
Boone County 10yr
Buffalo Trace Liter
Bulleit 10yr bourbon
Bulleit barrel strength bourbon
Bulleit bourbon
Bulleit rye
Captain Morgan spiced rum
Corner creek
Domaine de canton liter
Eagle rare
Elijah craig
Evan Williams 2009 vintage single barrel
Evan Williams BIB Liter
Few bourbon
Few gin
Fireball cinnamon whiskey liter
Four Roses single barrel
Four Roses small batch
Four Roses Yellow label
Grey goose
Grind espresso liquor
Hakashu 12yr
Heaven Hill 6yr 90°
Heaven hill 6yr BIB
Henry McKenna 10yr BIB
IW Harper
IW Harper 15

Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey
Jameson Irish whiskey liter
Jim beam
Jim Beam BIB Liter
Jim Beam Black 8yr Liter
Jim Beam Black Extra Age Liter
Jim beam double oak
Jim Beam High Rye 11yr 375ml
Jim beam rye
Johnny Drum
Johnny drum
Jts brown bib
JW Dant BIB Liter
Knob creek 9yr
Knob Creek small batch
Lunazul tequila Blanco liter
Makers mark
Maysville Club BIB Rye
Medley Brothers bourbon
Medley Family Reserve barrel proof
Medleys 10yr
Mellow Corn BIB
Michters American whiskey
Michters bourbon
Michters rye
Michters sour mash whiskey
New Amsterdam gin liter
Nikka 17
Noah’s Mill
Oban little bay
Old Bardstown 90°
Old Bardstown BIB
Old crow reserve
Old Ezra 7yr
Old Fitzgerald BIB Liter
Old Forester 1870
Old Forester 1897 BIB

Old Forester 1920
Old Forester 86° Liter
Old Forester Signature Liter
Old Grand-Dad 114°
Old Grand-Dad BIB
Old medley 12yr
Old overholt rye
Ole smokey peach moonshine
Patron xo cafe
Pendleton 1910 12yr rye
Plantation 5yr Barbados rum
Pure Kentucky bourbon
Rebel yell small batch
Red stag black cherry whiskey
Redbreast 12
Rittenhouse Rye BIB
Russell’s reserve bourbon Mafia
Russels reserve 6yr rye
Sacred Bond Brandy BIB
Sazerac rye
Sky blood orange vodka liter
Sky citrus vodka
Sky strawberry vodka
Taylor small batch
Templeton rye
Tin cup whiskey
Wathens single barrel bourbon
Whistle Pig haymarket
Whistle Pig old world
Wild turkey Ky spirit
Wild Turkey Liter
Wild Turkey Masters Keep 17yr
Wild turkey rye liter
Willett Pot Still
Woodford Double Oaked
Woodford Reserve Liter
Woodford rye
Yellowstone small batch


Blended Whiskey

The product of blending different types of whiskeys and often also neutral and near-neutral spirits, coloring, and avorings

Bottled in Bond

Spirits that have been aged and bottled according to a set of legal regulations laid out in the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897. A reaction to adulteration among spirits, the act made the government the guarantor of a whiskey’s authenticity. While the regulations apply to all spirits, in practice, most bonded spirits are whiskeys. To be labeled as such, the liquor must be the product of one distillery. It must have been aged in a federally bonded warehouse under supervision for at least four years and bottled at 100 proof. The bottled product’s label must identify the distillery where it was distilled and, if different, where it was bottled.

Bourbon Whiskey

A barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn, named after the French House of Bourbon. Bourbon Whiskey has been distilled in Kentucky since the 18th century. Bourbon must be made in the USA and contain at least 51% corn in the mashbill. The other grains include rye or wheat and malted barley. Bourbon must be aged in new charred White Oak casks. Straight Bourbon is at least 2 years old. Over 90% of the world’s bourbon is produced and distilled in Kentucky.


Specially crafted, often themed, sampling of three different whiskeys.


The recipe of a whiskey made up of various cereal grains.


Historically, moonshine referred to any illegally made alcohol. Today, commercial moonshines refer to unaged spirits made of a mashbill of 50% corn and 50% sugar, or 100% sugar.


A measure of how much alcohol is contained in an alcoholic beverage. Proof is double the alcohol by volume (i.e. a 100 proof whiskey contains 50% alcohol by volume, the other 50% is water).

Rye Whiskey

The original American whiskey, rye whiskey must contain at least 51% rye in the mashbill. Other grains can include corn and malted barley.

Scotch Single Barrel

A premium class of whisky in which each bottle comes from an individual barrel.

Single Malt

A whisky made at one particular distillery from a mash that uses only malted barley.

Small Batch

A whiskey produced by mixing the contents of a relatively small number of selected barrels, usually less than 100.

Straight Whiskey

Whiskey defined by US law as being aged at least two years and containing no additives, flavorings, or colorings.

Wheat Whiskey

A varietal of American whiskey that contains a minimum of 51% wheat in the mashbill.

White Dog

A malt or grain whiskey made in Scotland.


The word whiskey (or whisky) comes from the Gaelic uisce beatha, meaning water of life.