Haymarket to sell package liquor!

Matthew Landan Uncategorized

Apropos of its mercurial nature, Haymarket Whiskey Bar has added yet another facet to the shapeshifting face of 331 East Market Street. Just in time for Derby, Haymarket can now sell liquor to go!

Hinted at in the Business First profile last month, Haymarket is now the only liquor store open late hours in all of Downtown Louisville and NuLu. Given its close proximity to many of the city’s busiest hotels, this type of bottles-to-go option is a critical asset to our out-of-town visitors – not to mention the underserved residents in the downtown and NuLu neighborhoods who want to keep their Derby parties going this weekend without having to jump in the car.

Starting May 1st, many of our spirits will be available for purchase at the bar. Within the next few weeks, the front of the bourbon bar room will undergo renovations to become the official package liquor storefront.