Now offering discount on our bourbon class on Living Social

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Apropos of its versatile nature, Haymarket Whiskey Bar is now offering a special by-appointment bourbon education class – available for half the price at LivingSocial. Considering bourbon culture’s prevalence in Louisville, Haymarket aims to help educate both the novice and expert on all aspects of this uniquely Kentucky spirit.

Officially titled American Whiskey History and Modern Bourbon Marketing, Haymarket Whiskey Bar is the only bourbon bar in Louisville that offers a class of this type. The class begins with a thorough introduction to the history of American whiskey from pre-Revolutionary War to Prohibition, how to read a bourbon bottle label, and about the big eight producer distillers. The second portion of the talk teaches you everything you need to know about modern bourbon marketing.

Classes are available by appointment Tuesday through Saturday at 5:30 p.m. The discounted tickets can be purchased at LivingSocial.

This deal ends April 27th, so act fast! Hope to see you soon!