Our Offering of Private Barrels

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The typical bottle of bourbon is a blend from several different barrels into one bottle. However, if you are ordering a bourbon from a private barrel it comes from only one barrel. This means the private barrel will have a more unique flavor profile. Below you’ll find our tasting notes for the private barrels we offer.

Four Roses OBSK 10yr 1mo (107.8)

This barrel is fruity and balanced.
A classic example of what Four Roses does so well.

Four Roses OBSO 10yr 8mo (102.2)

This was the smokiest, earthiest, maltiest barrel we ever picked.
Perfect for a Scotch lover.

Four Roses OBSF 11yr 8mo (116)

The first barrel we ever picked.
We love the oral/spice mix in this nearly 12 year barrel.

Four Roses OESK 9yr 9mo (115.2)

A younger, low rye expression with a slight spice.
Very palatable, very popular.

Four Roses Haymarket & Bourbon Ma a select OESF 9yr7mo (109.4)

Picked the same day as the Jim Rutledge barrels, this is considered the fifth of the series.

Four Roses Haymarket & Seven Grand select OBSQ 10yr 7mo (114.6)

Picked with our friends from Seven Grand Whiskey Bar in LA, this recipe is spicy and oral.

Four Roses Jim Rutledge Tribute OESO 11yr 2mo (104.6)

Tons of caramel and vanilla and a smooth mouthfeel round this bourbon out.

Four Roses Jim Rutledge Tribute OBSV 9yr 6mo (116.4)

Delicate spice and cherry notes dominate this bourbon.

Four Roses Jim Rutledge Tribute OBSF 11yr 9mo (114.2)

The oldest barrel we ever picked is a spice and oak classic. Can you taste the herbal essence?

Four Roses Jim Rutledge Tribute OBSQ 8yr 9mo (116)

The youngest barrel we ever picked has juicy fruit high notes and a long vanilla finish.

Four Roses JY’s Bourbon Bonanza 2016 OESQ 9yr 1mo (116.5)

We picked a pair of barrels with JY last year for his Bonanza party – this one was the underdog but we loved it so much we had to buy it.

Four Roses JY’s Bourbon Bonanza 2016 OBSF 9yr 2mo (116.8)

This OBSF is the youngest OBSF we ever picked, which makes it a bit sharper, spicier and more fruit forward.

Four Roses JY’s Barrel select 2016 OBSQ 9yr 8mo (122.8)

Our third pick with JY is an out of profile Q yeast barrel.
It’s the highest proof Four Roses single barrels we ever picked.

Kings County Haymarket Select Bonded 4yr (100)

This is the first small barrel of whiskey we ever selected. Originally a 15 gallon barrel there was only 4 gallons left after 4 years! Notes of bakers coco, light fruit and corn.

Knob Creek 12yr (120)

The boldest and oldest Knob Creek we’ve ever picked.
The extra three years really did something magical to the whiskey in the barrel. More leather, more fruit, more spice and more chocolate than any other Knob Creek.

Knob Creek 9yr Second Edition (120)

This robust high proof expression has more in common with Booker’s than Beam.

Maker’s Mark Finished Select (110.6)

This cask strength wheated bourbon is a mocha bomb. Finished with a variety of oak.

OKI 10yr (110)

This whiskey was produced by MGP in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. It’s non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength. A real treat of sweet cereals, it’s balanced and has notes of vanilla and caramel.

Old Forester 4yr (90)

This was our second barrel from Old Forester. We recommend using it in your Old Fashioned. Makes a perfect beer and a shot whiskey with bright tartness and medium body and spiciness.

Old Forester 8yr (90)

A delicious cherry and stone fruit lower proof bomb. This short barrel only yielded 18 gal.

Whistle Pig Haymarket select 10yr single barrel cask strength (114.7)

The only rye whiskey on our list has a rich mouthfeel and a lingering vanilla spice finish.

Wild Turkey KY Spirit (101)

Rich, balanced, spicy – everything Turkey should be. As close to perfect as you can get.

Wild Turkey Russel’s Reserve 9yr
Haymarket & Bourbon Ma a select (110)

Another Wild Turkey masterpiece. Try this one side by side with the Kentucky Spirit. This one is non-chill filtered and 110 proof.
The KY spirit is chill filtered and 101 proof. Brother barrels for sure.